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ID theft a reality for mobile users

New research has been carried out by security firm Credant into just how safe mobile phone users are from the threat of data theft. The results are quite shocking, and suggest that up to 4.2 million people across the country are at risk of becoming victims of identity theft due to sensitive data being stored on their mobile handsets.

Credant interviewed a selection of London commuters for its research, and the figures reveal that more and more people are saving data on their phones that is potentially sensitive without realising...  Read more »

Posted: 15th May 2009 - 04:12 PM

'Freedom Packs' from Vodafone

Hard-pressed Vodafone customers are to be offered a new money-saving gimmick by the mobile operator. The company has just released ‘Freedom Packs’, its way of helping its customers to pay less for a lot more, and they are certain to prove popular in these cash-strapped times.

The 'Freedom Packs' are available to PAYG customers only, and consist of rewards for topping up with a certain amount. If customers top up by £10 in one go, they will receive 300 texts and 100 minutes of phone calls, which is worth £50 normally.

This is a phenomenal deal, but if customers top up...  Read more »

Posted: 8th May 2009 - 04:31 PM

Live mobile TV from BBC

It has been revealed that the BBC has been trialling a new feature that will allow mobile phone users to watch live BBC TV programmes on their mobile handsets. The BBC has already seen its iPlayer become a huge success online, which offers viewers the chance to catch up with any programmes in the last week that they have missed. However, this is a completely different arena, and if successful could change the way we watch TV altogether.

The free mobile TV service is currently in its Beta phase, meaning that it is only available on a very select number of mobile handsets. It is also...  Read more »

Posted: 1st May 2009 - 04:17 PM

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