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Mobile Phone Accessories

  • Sound Systems

With the advent of mobile phones sporting A2DP technology (stereo bluetooth sound) comes a range of external sound systems to amplify your music. Most models connect via bluetooth turning your mobile handset into a portable sound system on par with an ipod or other dedicated MP3 player. Big bass speakers means you can share your music with the whole neighbourhood.

  • Headsets

Bluetooth mobile headsets allow you to use your phone while it remains in your pocket. With wireless connectivity, the ability to answer calls with a keypress on the headset and to make calls via voice activated dialling means that you can keep your hands free while you use your phone.

  • Headphones

If you have a phone with the ability to store vast quantities of music and play it back then you may wish to invest in a pair of dedicated headphones, rather than relying on the basic models that usually come bundled with the mobile phone. Many of the latest MP3 enabled mobile phones come with a standard headphone jack, bringing much needed cross-compatibility into an all too often divided marketplace. Even better if your phone has A2DP bluetooth capability then you can get a compatible pair of headphones for high quality wireless listening.

  • Hands free car kit

With new laws on driving and using a mobile having just been passed in February 2007, if you want to make or receive calls while driving you need to invest in a dedicated hands free car kit. This will allow you to make and receive calls while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

  • Bluetooth dongles

If your PC does not already have bluetooth enabled then you can buy a small bluetooth dongle to fit into a USB port. This will allow your phone and PC to connect wirelessly so that they can share photos, videos, music and other data.

  • Additional Programs

Many mobile phones today have considerable computing power. From word-processers and spreadsheets to advanced GPS (Global Position Service) realtime navigation systems warning you of road-blocks and flight delays you can take full advantage of your mobile phones computing power through a plethora of innovative third party software.

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