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Nokia 'Point and Find' launched

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Page last updated: 24th Apr 2009 - 04:37 PM

‘Point and Find’ is a new futuristic device released from Nokia, whereby users point their mobile phones at an object or a picture and the phone is then able to produce a wealth of information about it right on the spot.

It all sounds very hi-tech, but it’s real and the Beta version has just been launched in the UK and the US. It works by using the camera and the internet connection on the handset. Although a picture is not actually taken, the viewer captures the image, sends it off to some huge database in cyberspace, where it is then cross referenced with other items and information is collected and delivered back to the phone in seconds.

The Beta version is limited to film posters at the moment, meaning the user can simply point their phone at a film poster and receive information on reviews, trailers and showing times in seconds. However, in the future the aim is to have a system that works for almost anything. It is also limited to certain Nokia handsets for the time being, but over time the feature will not just be available on Nokia phones and could become a regular addition to most handsets.

This could completely change the way that we use our mobile phones, but the possibilities for marketing are even greater. In the not-too-distant future, it is quite likely that companies will place ads which, when people use the ‘Point and Shoot feature’, will be able to provide videos, music and adverts straight to their phones.

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