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'Freedom Packs' from Vodafone

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Page last updated: 8th May 2009 - 04:31 PM

Hard-pressed Vodafone customers are to be offered a new money-saving gimmick by the mobile operator. The company has just released ‘Freedom Packs’, its way of helping its customers to pay less for a lot more, and they are certain to prove popular in these cash-strapped times.

The 'Freedom Packs' are available to PAYG customers only, and consist of rewards for topping up with a certain amount. If customers top up by £10 in one go, they will receive 300 texts and 100 minutes of phone calls, which is worth £50 normally.

This is a phenomenal deal, but if customers top up by £15 or £20 in one go then the rewards are even greater. £15 leads to 600 texts and 200 minutes of talk time, double the amount of the £10 top-up, and £20 leads to unlimited texts and 300 minutes.

The bonuses will last for 30 days from the moment that they have been topped up, providing plenty of time for customers to take advantage of the features.

Vodafone is already one of the leaders when it comes to the PAYG mobile market. Other offers that the company already has are its ‘Free Weekends’ deal and the ‘Text Unlimited’ deal, offering free texts every month.

But the latest Freedom Packs are certain to lead to a new level of competition in the PAYG market. PAYG phones are an obvious choice for people in the current economic climate who do not want to get drawn into a long and costly contract, and by offering such a good deal Vodafone is certain to tempt more people towards getting a PAYG handset instead.

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1. Kathleen

21st Jan 2010 - 01:56 PM

Sounds great but note the offer was May 2009. Is it still available and how do I find out

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