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Live mobile TV from BBC

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Page last updated: 1st May 2009 - 04:17 PM

It has been revealed that the BBC has been trialling a new feature that will allow mobile phone users to watch live BBC TV programmes on their mobile handsets. The BBC has already seen its iPlayer become a huge success online, which offers viewers the chance to catch up with any programmes in the last week that they have missed. However, this is a completely different arena, and if successful could change the way we watch TV altogether.

The free mobile TV service is currently in its Beta phase, meaning that it is only available on a very select number of mobile handsets. It is also only available over Wi-Fi connections, and will not work over a 3G connection. It is unsure whether this will change in the future or whether this will remain the case.

The news only broke recently, but the BBC was quick to release a statement saying that the service has been trialled since last year, and that it is not some kind of covert operation. It is being offered through the iPlayer for mobiles service, and the BBC has said that it will be quite a while before this becomes a regular service.

All the main BBC channels are currently available on the free TV service for those phones that have access to it, but the BBC has pointed out that it is still a criminal offence to watch the programmes without a valid TV licence. How they are going to enforce this in the future, however, is anyone’s guess.

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