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Mobile Phone Glossary

  • A2DP. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. Allows a high quality, stereo blutetooth signal containing music for example to be sent to a compatible device like headphones or speakers.
  • AAC. Advanced Audio Coding is a compression format for music that offers superior sound quality to MP3, invented by Apple.
  • Bandwidth The amount of data that can be transferred across a network at any one time. The greater the bandwidth the faster the data transfer.
  • Bluetooth. A type of short range radio frequency which allows compatible device to communicate with each other without the need for cables e.g. phones, printers, PCs and headsets.
  • Coverage The geographic area in which a network's service is accessible to users.
  • Conference call. Allows several people to enter the same telephone conversation.
  • EDGE. An enhancement to 2G GPRS internet access allowing mobiles not equipped to the 3G standard to access premium content such as video clips and music.
  • GPRS. General Packet Radio Service allows digital data to be sent over the 2G GSM mobile network. In effect this gives mobile users access to internet, texts and other digital information. It's once infamously limiting speed has been enhanced by an additional technology knows as EDGE. GPRS is charged at volume (data sent) rather than time (time spent browsing the net for example).
  • GSM. The Global Systems for Mobile Communications is the most popular mobile phone technology in the world, allowing 2 billion people to use their phones in 212 territories. This is what makes roaming possible.
  • HSPDA. High-Speed Downlink Packet Access greatly increases the speed at which the 3G network can transfer data on UMTS internet. It is a cutting edge technology available only on the latest handsets and notebook computers.
  • Quad-band. A quad-band phone will be usable in Europe, North America, Canada and most of the world.
  • Roaming. The ability to use your phone in a country other than where it was purchased. Depends on compatibility issues - see GSM and Tri-band. '
  • UMTS. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System is the 3G internet technology that make data speeds many tens of times faster than standard 2G GPRS and has revolutionised mobile phones into the live entertainment devices they are today allowing bandwidth heavy applications like live TV and internet phonecalls.
  • WAP. Wireless Access Protocol allows mobile phone users to browse specially designed mobile WAP internet sites written in WML (Wireless Mark-up Language) rather than HTML (the format used for PCs).

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